About us

Savhuset is located in the heart of Sweden, in the beautiful city of Östersund. Our products are inspired by the nature around us and the beauty of the northern life.

About Savhuset

In the past, people were better at making use of what nature had to offer. They picked berries, mushrooms, and learned which plants could be used for food and drink. That knowledge is an important heritage that we want to pass on.


The heart of our products is birch sap, a raw material that has been used as a crucial nutritional supplement since ancient times. Our birch sap products are a tribute to Swedish tradition, and our original recipe comes from a book which dates back to 1785 in the Jegrelius Archive.

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Locally produced in Jämtland

Our birch sap is tapped from areas within a maximum of 50 kilometres from our facilities along the shores of Lake Storsjön. The birch trees thrive here, this thanks to the mineral-rich soil, which also enhances the sap’s richness in vitamins.

Our respect for the forest

We find our inspiration and raw materials in the forests of Jämtland. The forest is always close by. Therefore, it is important for us to take care of the forests in which we operate. Our methods ensure that the birch trees remain undamaged when we tap birch sap.

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