Our story

Sometimes fate just knocks on your shoulder, and that's exactly what happened when we found our original recipe from 1785.

The origin of Sav as we know it today....

The Swedish chemical engineer and researcher Gunnar Jegrelius built up an astonishing archive. There, he collected research reports, dissertations, essays, manuscripts, newspaper articles, and books from the years 1700 to 1981 related to over 200,000 chemical substances and their impact on people and the environment. There was a total of 6 million documents distributed over 800 meters of shelves. In this completely unique and immensely significant source for current and future environmental research, there was a recipe for sparkling wine made from birch sap. 


...Recipe from 1785...

The recipe was torn from a Swedish book printed in 1785. The recipe was titled Birchchamp**** (strict EU rules prohibit us from writing the full title, as the word ”champagne” may only refer to a sparkling beverage made from grapes within the French region of the same name), and our curiosity was piqued.

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...Curiosity took over...

Curiosity took over, and Savhuset’s founder, Peter Mosten, decided to try making sparkling birch wine based on the old recipe. The end result was awful. It would take over a decade of experiments and tests before we even came close to anything worth bottling. Now that recipe is the foundation for all our products today.

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... Leading to today's product portfolio

By 2006, product development was complete, and we could finally launch Sav™ Sparkling. The news of a birch sap sparkling spread like wildfire.

Since then, the development has only continued. Today, we have nine products based on birch sap in our range. They are sold, among other places, at Systembolaget, in grocery stores, and at hotels and restaurants.

In addition, our exports have taken off, with China being our largest market.

But what we are most proud of is conducting sustainable production of a unique culinary craft in Jämtland, Sweden.