We who work

Behind Savhuset, there is a wonderful group of people working hard to produce, deliver and market our products. Each of us plays a very important role in making Sav™ what it is. Meet the Sav™ team!

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Ulrica Hellström

Marketing manager

Ulrica has extensive experience in sales and marketing from various industries and is passionate about creating clear communication that leads to increased sales. She contributes with valuable ideas and thoughts to Savhuset’s future development. Ulrica also loves having coffee.

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Andreas Richter

Production & Development

Andreas is the winemaker who has been involved in Sav™ from the beginning and is involved in everything we develop. He is a true joy spreader who loves wine, he is a member of the society “munskänkarna” and he always has new ideas and concepts for Sav™.

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Andit Tesfamical

Production & Logistics

Andit, who has moved all the way from Eritrea to Östersund, is a fantastic employee who always arrives to work with a smile! He is a real star when it comes to production & logistics. He has an eye for organization and nobody drives a pallet truck better then him.

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Mebrahtu Jakob

Production & Logistics

Mebrathu is a fantastic employee who never hesitates to assist with all aspects of our production! A positive addition to our company, Mebrahtu, similarly to Andit, makes sure our production is running smoothly.